Wine tasting parties for the hip crowd

Gone are the days where only wine experts, gurus and snobs gather around a table to express their opinion on wine. Most wine enthusiasts will agree that when it comes to wine it’s all about your personal taste. You might think that the wine in your glass is the best you’ve ever tasted but your friend might find it appalling. Debates like these can however spark interesting discussions and discoveries and informal wine tasting parties are just the thing to get the juices flowing, both literately and figuratively.

In order to throw the hippest wine tasting party your friends have ever seen you need to stick to some important rules. Forget about scorecards and technical handbooks and ban the words “oaky”, “nose” and “palate”. Most importantly, no spitting allowed! Wine is all about enjoyment and relaxation after all so rather sit back, swallow and enjoy the ride.

The next step is to find a theme. Instead of comparing Pinot Noirs and pretending you hate Merlot, try to mix up your wine tasting theme. Remember, the less seriously you take all of this, the more fun you and your guests will have.

When it comes to picking the wines look for something a little less mainstream, something off the beaten track. The wines of Rosendal is a perfect example of such a producer. Situated in the valley that’s home to South Africa’s largest wine festival, Rosendal offers a variety of fine and diverse wines. The Rosendal collection consists of four different ranges, each uniquely crafted to express the essence of the various terriors from where the grapes originate. Over 20 new wines are released every year at very limited quantities. This makes these wines exclusive and extraordinary. The wines are only available directly from Rosendal’s cellar in Robertson or online. These guys are we are specialists in safe, efficient and fast wine transport which makes them extremely practical. Why waste time to go to the shop if you can get them delivered right to your door?

If you like to order any of the wines visit they online store or place your order telephonically on 021 424 4498.

Lastly,  as host, you are required to wear your ironic t-shirt and skinny jeans to match with the hippest wine tasting party your friends have ever seen!