A Beer Can Keyboard is a Brilliant, Sad Waste of Booze

It’s hard not to wonder if any of the geniuses from Robofun ever got thirsty while designing their Arduino-powered beer can computer keyboard. I mean, that’s 44 unopened cans. They had to have missed out on some serious pong-age.

Designed for the 2012 Webstock Conference, Robofun’s BCKB features tall cans of Staropramen in the typical QWERTY set-up, and trades the familiar clack-clack of keys for the refreshing sound of fizzy popping tabs (virtual, of course).

My only complaint (besides the un-drinkable beer and the fact that it makes you finger type) is that you have to tap on the lids to get the letters out. Did no one else imagine the tactile ecstasy of actually pressing the cans palm down, à la whack-a-mole or that gator game from Chuck E. Cheese?

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