Amorim Invites Producers to First Wine Bottling Workshop

As all wine-makers and producers know, wine bottling is not a process but a science involving skill, patience, experience and expertise in each crucial step. From preparing the bottles, ensuring the line is in perfect working condition until closing with the cork, every step is of the utmost importance in ensuring the final product of the vineyard’s work and the wine-maker’s skill reaches the consumer in perfect condition.

Being the world’s largest and most reputable supplier of cork stoppers, Amorim is an integral part of the bottling process, and because we realise the importance of this aspect of wine production we have taken the initiative in now offering producers a Wine Bottling Workshop.

This two-hour presentation will provide a check-list on various parts of the process, guidelines on improving efficiency, identify mistakes before they occur and recommend ways to maximise the time and invested in bottling.

Sessions will be hosted and presented by Amorim, and with the gathering of producers, the exchange of ideas is set to ensure a new standard of South African wine bottling is attained.

Amorim will also give an update on its own offering of natural and conglomerate corks as well as assisting producers in selecting the best cork type and dimensions for their respective wine styles and anticipated longevity.

Sessions will be for 20 persons at one two hour period, followed by a light lunch and refreshments.

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