Ah, the smell of it!If you think drinking beer is fun, wait until you try washing with it. No, we haven’t spent all afternoon in the pub, we’ve been getting into a lather with Beer Soap. Your round!

Created with the more discerning soaper in mind, this manly range has been formulated using real lagers and stouts, including favourites such as Stella Artois, Newcastle Brown Ale, Kronenbourg 1664 and even draught Guinness. Get ‘em in!

Despite the delightfully boozy ingredients, you won’t smell like a brewery when you step out of the bathroom because the complex manufacturing process removes overbearing beer aromas. What’s more, additional fragrances such as pine, lavender and cedarwood have been added to balance each bar.

An ideal gift for the man who just can’t get enough of the ol’ loudmouth soup (ie: everyone), Beer Soap is guaranteed to refresh the parts other soaps cannot reach. And before you ask, yes, eating it is a very bad idea. ‘Urp!

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