Bite into this burger for #FrugalFridayFeast

We can’t lower the fuel levy or ban electricity hikes, we can’t make Zuma pay back the money or prevent e-tolling, but we can turn frugality into something to celebrate.

In fact, we are turning it into a whole campaign. We want everyone to enjoy a lifestyle in which the only thing you need to cut is electricity. A lifestyle filled with #FrugalFridayFeasts. Every week the Ultra Value Wine Challenge team brings you an irresistible meal for two, which includes wine, all for under R200! In the words of Oprah: everyone gets a feast!

We asked Robin in between planes, trains and entrepreneurial meetings, how would he round off a hectic week with a chilled dinner? His response…a Friday feast for two needs flames…both candle and fire.

Robins cheeseburger is so simple it seems unfair that each juicy bite has such mouth-filling and sexy flavours simply oozing with juices. Deliciously fresh ingredients and fun to make, is this the ultimate Friday feast for two?

Robin says the medley of rich and juicy barbequed flavours that drip with intensity call for a red wine with ripe flavours of beautiful red fruit, yet enough backbone to frame the succulent burgers flavours. Abrie’s Kanonkop Kadette Cape Blend at R80 a bottle, it’s an absolute steal.

kanonkop e1437720375147 Bite into this burger for #FrugalFridayFeast

Robin’s Cheeseburger


1 pkt streaky bacon
1 red onion
1 Iceberg lettuce
2 ripe tomatoes
2 fresh buns
4 fresh lean beef mince hamburger 150 gram patties
Boerenkaas slab
Marinade/basting sauce – Tomato sauce, olive oil, red Tabasco, Soya sauce

(Double all quantities if really hungry!)


Pour the first glass of Kanonkop Kadette and toast your partner
Light a small fire in the braai
Marinade: 1/4 cup tomato sauce, 2 table spoons soya sauce, 4 table spoons olive oil, a few drops of Tabasco. Mix well and pour over the patties 30 min before cooking.
Dice the onion, slice the tomatoes, shred the crisp inner lettuce leaves into strands
Slice the cheese into thin squares
Put the buns into the oven at 120° for 10 minutes


Pop the patties onto the grid centre; flames will flare from the olive oil
Place the bacon strips on the grill sides
Grill for 4 minutes, changing sides every minute. For medium cook for 2 minutes longer
From the mixing bowl baste the patties liberally after 2 minutes


Place the cooked patties into the bowl with the last of the marinade and rest them while you butter the warm buns
Build layers to suit appetite: Pattie, cheese square, bacon, repeat to suit. Top with sliced tomato, lettuce shreds and onion

Pour another glass of Kanonkop and light the candles…