Bouchard Finlayson Presents the 2017 Blanc de Mer Under Stelvin Screw Cap

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Bouchard Finlayson has launched the 2017 vintage of its unique Riesling driven white blend, the Blanc de Mer. This particular vintage debuts with the stelvin screw cap closure to meet the increased demand for convenience by consumers and restaurants around the world.

The Blanc de Mer blend, famed some years ago for being the first South African wine to feature on the wine list of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, continues to gain international popularity. Since the first vintage was produced in 1991 the blend has evolved to the point where the Riesling component is now dominant, at 60% Riesling, followed by 20% Viognier, 13% Chardonnay; 5% Sauvignon blanc and 2% Semillon in the 2017 vintage. The result is an unusual blend from the Cape, where Riesling is virtually unknown as a blending partner, to establish a singular personality to the wine.

The name Blanc de Mer translates to ‘white of the sea’, to present a fresh and vibrant wine with a convincing strength and quality finish. The tasting notes describe a fountain of flowery aromas which alerts first impression success, and a taste characterised by hints of quince, apricot and almonds with a comforting creamy middle and a bold seamless surround. A wine for all seasons, the 2017 Blanc de Mer is ideally suited to summer salads, salmon, sushi, oysters and white cheese. (R106 per bottle at the cellar door).