Cafe Introduces ‘Guy Tea’ For Men Whose Masculinity Is Too Fragile For Macarons

Afternoon tea is a bloody delight. A fancy, in-between meals treat. An excuse to pretend to hold tiny macarons and pretend your posh. The perfect food opportunity for casual dates or hanging out with your nan.

The combination of tiny sandwiches, hot tea, cakes, and scones is brilliant. and I won’t hear anything to the contrary.

But please, spare a thought for the men.

While some men are comfortable getting their clotted cream and teacups on, there are some men whose masculinity is more delicate than a china saucer.

These men long for the joy of afternoon tea, but they cannot grasp it.

Why? Because afternoon tea is girly, and thus it is to be avoided at all costs. Ugh, being a woman is gross. Am I right?

Enter Guy Tea.

It’s the modern man’s version of high tea, made suitably masculine so men won’t risk their penises shriveling up at the hands of a nice Victoria sponge.

The creation of The Stables of Como, a cafe in Melbourne, Guy Tea contains all kinds of super manly delights, all chosen to help men feel less left out of the afternoon tea trend.

Alongside tea, there’s beer, of cause.