What Is A Flexitarian Diet?

You're definitely allowed the odd sausage.


Aldi Gets Slammed By Vegan For Launching ‘flexitarian’ Burgers

The critic claimed that being flexitarian 'is not a thing'.


Tyrrells Launches Aphrodisiac Crisps To Get You In The Mood For Valentine’s

They're honey and chilli flavour.


Couple Save £160 A Month To Travel By Eating Food From Bins

They also live in a van.


People Are Furious That This Pub Was Charging £14 For A Vegan Cauliflower Steak

But an entire cauliflower costs less than £1?


Iceland Launches Slimming World ‘syn-free’ Oven Chips

They contain 104 calories per 100g.


Goat Meat Is Set To Go Mainstream In 2019

We want all the curry goat. And we want it now.


There’s A New Easy Way To Figure Out The Perfect Portion Size For Food

Measure a portion of spaghetti using your finger and thumb.


Vegan Fried Egg, Anyone? This Australian Blogger Makes It Completely Plant-based

For those who miss their old breakfast fix.


The Uk Has Overtaken Germany As The World Leader For Veganism

34% of meat-eaters have reduced their meat consumption over the last six months.

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