Crowd-sourced wine company launches home delivery service in San Francisco

You could call it the adults-only version of old-fashioned milkman service: a same-day wine delivery for tipplers. is piloting the service in San Francisco, where subscribers can place their order and receive a case of wine delivered in time for their dinner party.

If successful, the service could also roll out to Chicago, Los Angeles, London, New York and Sydney.

Like Amazon and monthly wine clubs, the service is pitched towards time-crunched oenophiles and aims to spare consumers a trip to the liquor store and the grunt work of carrying cases of wine home.

But what also makes the service unique is that the wines on offer are from independent winemakers as part of the company’s crowdsourcing model.

Here’s how NakedWines works: Subscribers, or Angel investors, as they’re called, contribute $40 a month. The money is distributed among independent winemakers around the world.