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Maker Of Absolut Vodka Cuts Ties With Bullfighting, Peta Celebrates With Shots

Following campaigns by PETA, PETA France, and other animal rights groups, Pernod Ricard—which owns over 90 wine and spirits brands, including Absolut VodkaMalibu, and Ballantine’s—has confirmed that it’s ending its financial support of the Union of Paul Ricard Bullfighting Clubs, the largest bullfighting organization in the world.


3 Of The Worst Crimes Against Pizza

Pizza is an extremely controversial subject on the internet. Everyone wants to protect its honour — but everyone has their own opinion on how to do that. Some people put pineapple on it, or pile lettuce on it and call it a salad; others eat it with a fork and knife or even heat it up in the microwave — while some folks won’t stand for this type of behaviour.


Keurig Dr Pepper Buys Caffeine Soda Maker Limitless

Keurig Dr Pepper has bought Chicago-based caffeinated soft drinks company Limitless.


Chocolate Lovers May Fall In Love With This 3d Printer — Future Blink

Happy printing (and eating).


Qanon-ers’ Magic Cure For Coronavirus: Just Drink Bleach!

Hucksters swarmed on a fresh opportunity to cash in from a crisis that speaks to paranoid fears on the fringe.


Hundreds Of Amazon Employees Break Company Policy To Call Out Its Climate Practices

"It is unconscionable for Amazon to continue helping the oil and gas industry extract fossil fuels while trying to silence employees who speak out."


The Crooning Queen Of Montana’s Mermaid Bar

For 56 years, ?Piano Pat? has been serenading bargoers at the legendary Sip 'n Dip Lounge.


Ground Beef Packed At Chicago Plant Recalled For Possible Contamination

The Food Safety and Inspection Service is concerned that the products may already be in consumers? homes, in freezers or refrigerators.


Where To Watch The Super Bowl In Chicago: 13 Bars And Restaurants Offer Specials

A guide to Super Bowl deals at Chicago bars and restaurants.


Zeitgeist Returns After A Brief Closure In San Francisco’s Mission District

The Mission's popular dive bar and beer garden, Zeitgeist, has reopened after a brief closure earlier this month. Lara Burmeister, Zeitgeist manager, confirmed that the bar had opened on Monday during


How To Make This Legendary French Recipe In Just 1 Hour

This French classic usually takes at least two days to make, but the Instant Pot and a few shortcuts can speed it up.


Take A Detailed Video Tour Of The International Space Station With Your New Space Dads

That toilet looks like a bad time.


Supermarket Robot Listed As Alibi In High-profile Connecticut Murder Case

Stop & Shop's Marty is equipped with cameras, but the grocery store claims they're for identifying spills, not recording video of customers.


Oakland: Watch Competitors Run Their Coffee Champs Routines At Prep Rally!

Prep Rally! takes places Saturday, February 8th at The Crown in Oakland.


Moët Alters The Balance In Champagne

The luxury goods giant's moves in Champagne are having wider repercussions for growers and producers in the region. Read the latest wine news & features on wine-searcher


Pretzel Focaccia Recipe

One of the easiest breads to make at home gets pretzel-ified with a highly burnished, salt-coated crust and a delightfully bitter twang.


An Early Look At Burgundy’s Best Vintage In Decades

Burgundy's 2018 vintage may be one of the best in more than half a century. Here's our early analysis of the bottles you'll want to seek out.


Man Sentenced To Probation Despite Stealing More Than $1 Million From Dr Pepper

The judge said that he had demonstrated remorse by apologizing to his customers, employees, and to Dr Pepper Snapple Group itself.


We Tried It: Peas And Mayo Pizza

We try out the latest social media food controversy.


Fans Spotted This Healthy $3 Drink In Beyoncé’s Instagram Post And Are Dying To Try It

The refreshing flavor is highly ironic and incredibly fitting for the music megastar's brand. Lemonade, anyone?


Review: Wines Of Flat Top Hills, 2020 Releases

Flat Top Hills is a new line of wines from another member of the Mondavi family, Angelina Mondavi, marking "the first time a member of the 'G4,' the %


Review: Red River Texas Bourbon And Rye

Red River is being billed as a "relaunch," but I can't exactly tell where or what it's being relaunched from. What I do know is that it's part of the Shaw %


Puerta De Plata Reserva – A Solid Party Sipper • Reverse Wine Snob®

Another tasty and affordable Spanish blend from Trader Joe's, the Puerta de Plata Reserva. 60% Tempranillo, 40% Grenache from Catalunya, Spain.


La Folie Will Close Its Doors After 32 Years In San Francisco

Roland Passot, chef and owner of the 32-year-old restaurant La Folie, has spent the last three decades cooking decadent French dishes at his Russian Hill restaurant, but at the age of 65, Passot belie


Is Corona Beer Experiencing The Aids/ayds Effect?

David?s post about the rise in Google searches for ?coronavirus beer,? ?corona virus beer,? and ?virus corona beer? in the last few days, brings to mind th?


Emma Chamberlain’s Steeped Coffee Bags Are Definitely Expensive, But They Might Be Worth It

I loved this coffee. Also, I will never buy it.


Full-year Sales Down, But Better Than Expected For Ag Barr

AG Barr has reported a slowing decline in its sales last year as the group continues to battle with repercussions from the UK's sugar tax.


The Differences Between Estate, Estate-bottled And Single Vineyard Wines

What does estate, estate-bottled or single vineyard mean on a wine label?and does it imply the wine is any good? Get the answers from experts.


Charlotte Is Open For (beer) Business, And All Are Welcome

Charlotte, N.C., is becoming a hot spot for community-minded craft brewers and beer drinkers, with a diverse array of breweries and neighborhoods to explore.


Charlotte’s 2016 Protests Seen In New Budweiser Ad

While the Budweiser ad works to send a positive message, for many in Charlotte, it shows images from a tumultuous time.