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Like many young people who have been sheltering in place for the past two years due to the ongoing pandemic, I’ve been trying to cut down on my drinking. However, quitting cold turkey isn’t appealing to me — I still like to enjoy the occasional cocktail when I’m with my friends. And when I spend hours making a complicated recipe for my boyfriend and me to enjoy, I like to pop open a bottle of wine to pair with it. But lately, the hangovers, however slight, have left me in search of something that gives me the feeling and ritual of enjoying a nice Pinot Noir without the headache.


National Pie Day – celebrated every year on January 23 – was started in the mid-’70s by Charlie Papazian, a nuclear engineer from Colorado in the US, who had such a passion for pies that he decided to celebrate the pleasurable pastry with its own day and chose his birth date on which to do it!

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