Pose With A Mcdonald’s Meal To Win La-z-boy Sofa With Built-in Mcflurry Chiller

Because 'going out is overrated'.


Mcdonald’s Is Introducing Vegan Mcnuggets In Norway

You never know, the UK might be next.


Papa John’s Is Launching A Marmite Stuffed Crust Pizza

You'll either love it or you'll hate it.


Flora Goes Completely Vegan And Removes Dairy From Their Entire Spread Range

Now Flora Original, Flora Light and Flora Buttery will be suitable for vegans.


Jelly Belly Inventor Creates Cbd Jelly Beans For ‘perfect Dosage’

You'll have to limit yourself to one or two each time.


This French Marathon Allows Runners To Stop For Wine And Cheese

First to cross the finish line will win their weight in wine.


Walkers Has Recycled More Than 500,000 Crisp Packets In The Last Three Months



Man Becomes ‘appletarian’ To Prank Friends But They Stage Intervention

He kept up the prank for three weeks, eating other foods secretly.


Viral Ice Cream Man Regrets International Women’s Day Video ‘for All The Ladies’

'The eccentric manner upon which I make the ice cream has been completely blown up and taken out of context.'


Kebab Queen To Launch Seven-course Tasting Menu With Foie Gras And Lamb’s Tongue

It'll be nothing like your local doner roll.

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