You Can Buy Opal Fruits Again

With all the original flavours!


Couple Create Wall Of Crisps For Their Wedding Guests And It Goes Down A Treat

Seriously, why has no one done this before?


Vegan Burgers Are Now Outselling Normal Burgers At Leon

There is a huge demand for plant-based alternatives.


Vegans Tell Us The Things That Were Hardest To Give Up

What would you miss the most?


People Are Horrified By Diet ‘cheesecake’ Made From Cornflakes And Cheese

'That?s horrific and no more a cheesecake than putting a babybel on top of a Jaffa cake.'


Pret Launches 15 New Vegan Products

It's a pretty good day for veganism.


Seven Of The Most Romantic Restaurants To Take Your Valentine In 2020

Or bring along a good friend.


Mcdonald’s In Japan Is Selling An ‘adult Cream Pie’

The deliciousness is somewhat lost in translation.


Free Fries Friday

Because who doesn't love free fries?


Mum Makes Incredible Kfc Cake For Chicken Loving Son

You'd never believe this was made from pre-bought cake.

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