Drinking Water Before Breakfast Will Give You A Healthier Gut

Everyone’s morning routine is different. Some people like to wake up at the crack of dawn and check things off their to-do list. Others like to sleep in till the last minute and roll right out of bed and off to work. But no matter your morning, if you’re hungry you should eat breakfast. And before breakfast, there’s one thing you definitely should prioritize: drinking water.

“Time spent asleep could contribute to slight dehydration,” Suzanne Fisher, dietitian and founder of Fisher Nutrition Systems told The Daily Meal. “It may be of benefit to drink 1 to 2 glasses of water upon awakening to rehydrate.”

When you’re dehydrated, your digestion can actually suffer as a result — among other side effects. That’s what drinking glass of water before you eat has to do with your gut health; your stomach and intestines need water in order to properly digest.

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