Corona Is Replacing 6-pack Rings With New Stackable Cans

Beer maker Grupo Modelo is combating plastic waste by doing away with the brand?s six-pack rings. A more eco-friendly design called ?Fit Packs? is being tested to take the plastic rings? place. Instea


Stella Artois Cidre Cimosa

This brunch-y beverage is super easy to make ? it needs just two ingredients ? and is a great alternative to the traditional mimosa. Instead of prosecco or Champagne, this adult beverage gets its bubb

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Drinking Water Before Breakfast Will Give You A Healthier Gut

Everyone’s morning routine is different. Some people like to wake up at the crack of dawn and check things off their to-do list. Others like to sleep in till the last minute and roll right out of bed and off to work. But no matter your morning, if you’re hungry you should eat breakfast. And before breakfast, there’s one thing you definitely should prioritize: drinking water.


Sprite And Lemonade Come Together In New Sprite Lymonade

Lemonade may seem like the perfect summer drink, but for years, fans have been improving it at home by adding a splash (or a giant glug) of Sprite to a glass (or pitcher). Now fans of this sweet-tart

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17 Things You Didn’t Know About Guinness

Guinness is the king of Irish beers. Centuries after it first launched in Dublin, it has become a staple of the bar scene in more than 150 countries worldwide. Across the pond in the U-S-of-A, it?s ha


Yes, Tequila Is An Actual Place In Mexico

Quite a few foods and drinks are named for places, but the relationship can often grow faint.

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Which Coffee Has the Most Caffeine?

Some people like coffee just for the taste, but most of us drink it because we rely on it to wake us up in the morning. With that being said, not all java was created equal in the sense that certain types contain more caffeine than others. So which kind will put more pep in your step?


Corona Beer Is Brewing Up An Ocean-saving Innovation

Sadly, there?s no real-life Aquaman to protect our seas and ocean waters from marine pollution.

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Zd Wines: A Stalwart Napa Producer Turns 50

The 1960s were an important time in the history of Napa Valley. Several key wineries started their operations then, with Robert Mondavi Winery and Heitz Cellar being two of the most notable.


Why You Should Not Be Saving Your Champagne For A Special Occasion

Ooh, la la! You’ve gotten your hands on a fancy pants-bottle of sparkling wine. And it’s not just sparkling wine — it’s Champagne. (Yes, there’s a difference!) Classy gal or guy that you are, you don’t want to down this Champagne on just any old Tuesday.

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