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Why You Should NEVER Mix Pain Killers with Alcohol

Mixing pain relievers with booze is never a great decision. Alcohol doesn’t just get you drunk, it affects your entire body, and when combined with medicines, it can cause some adverse reactions.


Cooking With Tea: Herbal Infusions For The Stoner Palate

There are two types of people in the world – those who partake in the use of marijuana and those who are too scared to come to the party. Tea lovers see the world in a similar way. There are those who love cooking with tea and freaks who have no reason to be alive. 

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New Savanna Cider Ad Tackles The #MyFriendZone

Savanna Cider, with its crisp, dry and daringly witty sense of humour, is known for uplifting the nation through humour. This light-hearted perspective on life and the introduction of Siyavanna South Africa – “We get you; we are on the same page” – has enabled Savanna to effortlessly tap into everyday situations and bring them to life. Think of Savanna as the social commentator around South Africans’ everyday life. 


Boplaas Takes Top-spot In WineMag Contest

Boplaas Family Vineyards emerged as the most successful performer in an annual tasting of selected South African ports with one of its wines also taking the title of best overall. Shining a light on the victorious Boplaas Cape Vintage Reserve Port 2009, the Prescient Sweet Wine & Fortified Report 2021 said the wine had been the highest scorer in its assessment of 10-year-old wines in 2019 “and it only seems to be getting better”.

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Bushmills Adds Caribbean Twist To New Whiskey

The Bushmills Distillery in Co Antrim is launching its first-ever Caribbean inspired whiskey this week, the third in a series featuring overseas influences.


8 Best Fairtrade Wines To Enjoy With A Clear Conscience

From merlot to pinotage, raise a glass this World Fairtrade Day with the best Fairtrade wines from Morrisons, M&S, Co-op and more


Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction Celebrates South Africa’s Winemaking Skill And Tenacious Spirit

Wine lovers will have the opportunity to get their hands on some rare gems at the Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction on May 22. It will take place in a...


Le Pommier Wine Estate

Le Pommier is located on Helshoogte Pass, the main route between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.