Expert’s Predictions: New Trends in Drink Catering in 2020

The voice of influential brands in every industry must be respected. When they predict trends, you should trust their word, especially if they supply 13% of the wine on-trade market. We’re talking about one of the leading British beverage distributors Bibendum, based in London, England, who has revealed 10 new trends to be practiced in bars and restaurants across Europe this year.

The Influence of the Far East

Sake Boom Expert’s Predictions: New Trends in Drink Catering in 2020

The Bibendum predicts that an increasing number of wines, beers, and spirits from Japan, China, Korea, and Southeast Asia will be found in all leading retail chains and restaurants in 2020. The popularity of these products is growing year by year, in particular of saké, miso, yuzu, and pandan.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

paper water bottle Expert’s Predictions: New Trends in Drink Catering in 2020

Although eco-friendly packaging is already widely accepted and more and more products carry the eco-label, Bibendum believes that this trend will be particularly applicable in the wine, beer, and spirits industries in 2020. According to this distributor, 87% of consumers are concerned about the sustainability of packaging and the majority believes that manufacturers must bear the main responsibility. From canned, bottled and factory-packed bottles, all products must be eco-friendly, and this will become a priority this year.

Homemade, “Craft” Coffee

Social Upgrade Your Irish Coffee Flavored Whipped Cream Recipe 700x366 Expert’s Predictions: New Trends in Drink Catering in 2020

Coffee is becoming a mainstay of caterers, and new trends involving “craft” coffee and all types of coffee beverages will become a major competitor that will significantly influence the sale of beer or spirits. The main players in this industry will be smaller cafeterias, and the emphasis will be on traditional, not industrial, coffee.

In support of the fact that coffee will generally be even more in demand in 2020 than it has been so far, there are the results of the research conducted by Betway. Specifically, combining the activity of people across the world on Instagram as well as their search history on Google when it comes to food days and days that have to do with nutrition, a ranking of the most popular drink days was obtained. And coffee takes first place with 611,414 points. Even a day celebrating one subtype of coffee, espresso, is highly ranked – fourth placed with 6,482 points.

Austrian Wines

austria wine map excerpt Expert’s Predictions: New Trends in Drink Catering in 2020

Austrian wines are more often found on European wine lists, both because of their quality and its affordable prices. From famous riesling to sparkling wine, Austrian wines are in high demand at the tables of lovers of this drink. The region in which Austria is located, although sometimes under-appreciated, can boast with fine dry white wines that pair well with food, which is probably the secret of their popularity.

Hard Seltzers, Sparkling Juices in Different Flavors

hardseltzersales social Expert’s Predictions: New Trends in Drink Catering in 2020

These drinks are especially interesting and appealing to younger generations. Cans with sparkling beverages in different flavors were always appealing as they are attractive and practical to consume. There are many types of this drink these days. They can be with alcohol and they mostly (but not always) come sugar-free. This all is supported by the fact that one of the leading food companies, Nestlé, has decided to launch their own drinks of this type in order to enter the market race.