Get Your Lover A Chocolate Replica Of Your Head For Valentine’s Day

This year, you can embrace your narcissistic side and get your lover a replica of your head, made from chocolate and covered in gold dust (sadly not the real kind).

Created by confectionary specialists Candy Mechanics, the quirky product is known as a ‘lolpop’ and can usually be bought online. But, to celebrate the season of love, the brand is launching a temporary pop-up at Selfridges. Swing by the Smartech flagship store and have your head 3D scanned, and carved into a miniature lollipop.

It’s potentially not an experience for shy introverts, as the process is done live in-store in front of customers and takes around five minutes.

Choose from white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate, and munch away or wrap it up for your love. The dark option is vegan.

The lolpops cost £10, but you’ll get a free one if you make a purchase in the store.


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