Gin Is Not Just For Drinking

Made of juniper berries, Gin is an alcoholic drink that originated in Europe. Throughout its history, gin has been a favourite of drinkers everywhere, especially in cocktails containing other substances, such as fruit juice and other alcoholic beverages. In addition to drinking it, gin also has many other uses.

Most notable, gin is touted for its wide variety of medicinal uses, including as a digestive aid, metabolic booster, and for its anti-ageing properties. Gin fans also favour the drink due to its many natural ingredients, which are healthier overall for the body and can contribute to overall health when consumed in moderate amounts.

Overall, though, gin is lauded for its taste, which many liken to a Christmas tree. It is this piney, slightly sweet, intense flavour that leaves a biting residual taste after you have taken a drink. Much beloved by alcohol drinkers around the world, who would have thought that gin would have so many uses outside of simply drinking it?

Here are 35 weird but genius uses for Gin you didn’t know.

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