How long does a bottle of wine last once opened?

Have you ever been that fateful party-goer who opens another bottle at the end of a loonnnggg party night hoping to keep the good times a rollin’?

I know every person in the WA office is guilty of that at one time or another. Question is, when the fun comes to a screeching halt before that bottle is finished, what the hell do you do with it? Odds are your morally hungover self might not want to touch the sauce the next evening, so how long will that bottle last before you regain your nerve and climb back on that horse. Read below to find out if that bottle will survive until your Sunday night HBO marathon.


Generally speaking, bottles of still white or red wine will last about three days. Lower quality wines won’t last quite as long and higher quality ones can actually be fun to sample over the course of days just to see what happens. We once tasted a bottle of old German Eiswein over the course of 2 weeks and that thing was still an acid-ripping roller coaster ride all the way to the end.