How Patrón Rose Dominates The Tequila World

Some of the most amazing things in the world happen by chance. So it was for Martin Crowley when a trip to Mexico to source tiles and other local goods led to the discovery of an uncommonly delicious and smooth blue agave tequila, Crowley and his business partner John Paul DeJoria seized the opportunity and created the Patrón brand. Crowley’s former girlfriend Ilana Edelstein explains how every detail of the hugely popular luxury brand was created and in the process shares her own love story with Crowley, who died in 2003 in a new book titled simply, The Patrón Way.

Patrón created the luxury market for tequila where none existed, taking tequila from a regional liquor with a somewhat unfavorable reputation to a popular spirit with many offerings at the premium level. The premium tequila vertical is now crowded with a variety of trendy brands but at the time the brand launched it wasn’t clear there was even a market for high-end tequila.

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