How To Become A Bartender?

So, you want to become a high-income bartender, but you don’t have enough skills and experience or even any idea where to start. Right?

To become a high-demand bartender is not as challenging as most people think. Even if you don’t have any previous experience, you can start your journey to becoming a bartender.

In this article, I will break down step by step what you need to know to become a bartender and many more. 

Top 5 easy steps to follow

There are hundreds of tips and tricks you can follow up, but if you want to know the core tips about becoming a bartender, here are the top 5 easy steps you can follow.

Set a Goal

It’s no secret that in any career you choose, goal setting is the most important part of starting the journey.

If you work 90% of the time focusing on great skills, goal setting is undeniable. 

A couple of years ago I did a study on Goal setting; they asked 1000 students how many of them wrote their goals down. They found 3% of students wrote their plan. They follow these students 20 years later and check back in with them. They find out that 3% are making more money than 97% combined. This is the power of goal setting.

When you will set a goal ask yourself- what kind of bar do I want to work at? How many hours do I want to work? How much money do I want to earn? Am I willing to travel or want to work locally?

Memorize your drink recipe

Most people who want to be a bartender, their number one fear is to hold them back, memorize hundreds and thousands of drink recipes. I would recommend stopping these fears. 

You don’t have to learn thousands of drink recipes. You need to memorize only 50 to 60 recipes. If you have the top 50 to 60 cocktails memorized, you will be just fine.

You’ll find many mobile apps that can help you memorize drink recipes and learn the basics of bartending. With bartending apps, you can hone your knowledge and skills even outside the school or training camp.

Learn how to pour

One of the secret signs between beginner and experienced bartenders is how they pour liquor.

Many people want to learn to be bartenders, but they don’t understand how to pour interestingly. It presents them as unprofessional in front of the people. 

On the other hand, you can learn how to pour liquor in exciting ways, such as swop and bouncing. It will present you as a professional mixologist and help you to get a job faster. 

In addition, mobile apps for mixing drinks are available for Android and iOS, offering hundreds or thousands of cocktail recipes. Choose a mixology app that provides a comprehensive design and intuitive user interface with a large variety of cocktail recipes. The app should provide clear steps on how to mix drinks properly like a pro.

Find a mentor

As you will start your journey, you will notice many people stand out better than you. Why can they stand better than you? Because of good relationships.

One of the best ways to strengthen your relationship with them is to talk and if you can, you can ask them to go there anyway to learn from them.

You could even offer to pay for their time. There’s nothing better than learning practical knowledge from a real bartender. It’s a great way to learn and achieve your purpose.

Write Professional Bartending Resume

Bartenders can find a job anywhere in the world. They work in licensed establishments, such as bars, hotels, restaurants, casinos, taverns, and other locations. Furthermore, a bartender can earn US$15 average hourly rate or US$22,883 a year, plus tips. 

To earn more as a professional bartender, you must write a compelling bartending resume. This step will separate you from others. Because depending on the resume, you will get the bartending job.

If you are like me, who are quite lazy and have no desire to become a resume writer, you can hire a professional resume writer to stand out on your resume.

How to hire a professional resume writer? The best way to get a well-qualified resume writer is to go to the Fiverr or Upwork Marketplace and search the “resume writer’ and select your best one.

But exceptions are always there, if you don’t want to spend money, you can use a template to write a resume yourself. To get a resume template, search at Google “Resume Template,” you will find tons of templates.  

You can then craft your bartending resume. Include your bartending-related educational background and training, such as the name of the bartending school you attended and the number of months or years you mastered your skills. Also, include your work experience, key duties and responsibilities, and achievements, such as creating drink specials and promoting a unique mixed drink menu every month.

Sign up for a Bartender school

The bartender is one of the most sociable jobs in the world. It’s all about how good your skill is and how much connection you have with the bartender. So when you want to learn this skill, you should begin as a barback. 

The European bartender school helps you to work with highly-qualified experienced bartenders as a barback. The best thing is when you will be certified by this school, you will start a bar job. Also, this school offers you an exclusive online job platform.

Enjoy your bartender career and get freedom and flexibility.