How to drink Monis Sherry like a hipster

If you see sherry as the stuff only your grandmother drinks then I’ve got news for you! Sherry is back with a bang – as the hipster’s tipple of choice.

The fortified wine of Spanish origins saw a decline towards the end of the 20th century but over the past couple of year’s Sherry made a comeback. These days you can’t go into a hipster drinking hole without seeing a bearded barman lovingly tending to his selection of sherries.

Monis has the longest established range of fortified wines in the South African industry and enjoys an unsurpassed reputation for quality. The brand was establish in 1906 by Italian Roberto Monis, a son of a prominent Tuscan winemaking and merchandising family –the same family that forms part of the popular fine-quality pasta brand Fatti’s & Moni’s.

With small plates or tapas-style food being all the rage at restaurants at the moment, Monis is answering this call for something to pair with it. The remarkable versatility of this flavourful and food-loving fortified wine that makes it more relevant than ever to modern life.

Cape Town tapas chef Andres Condé of La Parada Restaurant likes to pair tapas with sherries from Monis, the only South African range that is produced in the traditional Spanish way.

“Sherry and tapas are about everything Latin – and represent a culture that is elegant yet also energetic and vibrant,” said Condé, who adds that the pairing of the two has incredible appeal to young adults. “There’s just something so sexy (and very hipster) about eating small bites with your fingers and enjoying the flavours with a glass of sherry at tapas bars.”

If you want to drink Monis Sherry like a hipster, I suggest you pair it with the following tapas:

Monis Pale Dry
Mushrooms, tomatoes and ciabatta bread works really well with the Monis Pale Dry. Feel free to add some Pata Negra ham to your sandwich.

Mushroom and Tomato Bruschetta Final How to drink Monis Sherry like a hipster

Monis Pale Dry 061 MR How to drink Monis Sherry like a hipster








Monis Medium Cream

If you don’t eat bacon, you are not a hipster. Try some BBQ Bacon-wrapped Shrimps with you next glass of Medium Cream.
BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp1 How to drink Monis Sherry like a hipsterMonis Medium Cream 062 MR How to drink Monis Sherry like a hipster

Monis Full Cream

Few things scream hipster like Gnochi Mac n’ Cheese smoothed in truffle oil. The creaminess of this dish is sure to bring our the flavours in the Monis Full Cream.

maccheese How to drink Monis Sherry like a hipster

Monis Full Cream 060 MR How to drink Monis Sherry like a hipster

But Sherry revival in the hipster community is not all about food. It’s also about fashion, art and low-alcohol cocktails. Why has sherry suddenly become a cocktail staple?

Top Cape Town mixologist Owen O’Reilly explains: “At the moment, sherry is what’s happening in cocktail bars all over the world – in fact, we in the industry think it isn’t a trend; rather has become a staple for bartenders and mixologists who know and appreciate its versatility and subtle complexities.”

With full cream, medium cream, pale dry and Muscadel, there are different flavour profiles that can make an endless selection of craft cocktails. It’s also low in alcohol, so you can drink several cocktails when you’re out at a club or bar, without overdoing it.

Bottoms-up hipsters!