How To Enjoy Your Whisky

The festive season is approaching. There will be a lot of popping champagne at the workplace to celebrate milestones, toasting glasses of whisky to partnerships and families spending time together over a good bottle of wine. While there will be so many celebrations taking place and sharing of drinks, it is essential to know how best to take your drink of choice in order to enjoy it.

Just like wine, there are ways that you can take it to make it more enjoyable. The drink is made through the distillation of malt and stored in wooden barrels for aging. Here are some tricks that will improve your art of drinking whisky. 

1. Try different blends to know which one works best for you

Before you determine your favorite whisky, it will take some time. Until you can find the whisky that suits your palate, you will probably not enjoy it fully. There is no short cut to finding the best whisky for you other than trying. Note that whiskies come in different flavors ranging from sweet, smokey, peaty, spicy, and savory. 

The best way to understand the different flavors is by starting with the mild or light ones and gradually developing your palate. With time, you will be able to appreciate the different notes in your whisky and easily point out your favorite. 

2. Drink it straight

Beginners may have their reservations about taking whisky straight. While it is okay to be versatile with it, by taking it with coffee while spending a night with friends playing Sloto Cash online casino, taking it the traditional way will help you make the most of the scent and flavors and develop your palate. Giving it a try will not hurt; however, if it does not work for you, you are allowed to consider the other alternatives. 

Drinking whisky neat also has its set of health benefits. For instance, it prevents the formation of blood clots and also boosts your blood circulation. Neat whisky is also known to alleviate stress and bring about a fulfilling sense of calm. 

3. Take it as a cocktail

For individuals that love versatility and love to experiment, cocktails would be an enjoyable way to consume whisky. If you talk to whisky enthusiasts, they will tell you that one of the things that make them love whisky so much is that they can get creative with it.

The list of the type of cocktails you can make with whisky is endless. We are talking about brown derby, silver 75, highball, and smoky sour, to mention a few. Whisky works with a wide range of mixers, be it ginger, coca-cola, soda water, sweet vermouth, and lemon, to mention a few. 

Whisky cocktails for a night out are mainly a good idea as they contain moderate alcohol content, which will keep you going the entire night. More so, cocktails are sweet and are ideal for whisky lovers that have their reservations about the sour taste that comes with whisky.

4. Always serve whisky in a tulip-shaped glass

One of the things that make whisky amazing is the scent and, to add, the flavor. The best way to take whisky is where you can have a feel of the scent and flavor. Therefore, the kind of glass you use to take whiskey matters, and experts advise that you take it in a tulip-shaped glass. 

The glass is designed to preserve the aroma of the contents making consumption even more enjoyable and rich. It is also worth noting that using plastic tumblers, as much as we love them for their disposable nature, is not a great idea. Such materials alter the whiskey’s flavor and scent, making it less enjoyable than it should be. If you want to make the most out of whisky and enjoy every single note, always use glass

5. Do not focus too much on the age

When it comes to wine, older is better. It is, however, different when it comes to whisky. If you are very observant, you will realize the 40-years old whisky you took was just as vibrant as the 10-year old one. This revelation will help you in choosing a whisky bottle that you will enjoy. The goodness of whisky heavily relies on its taste, so this is what you should be considering before you make your pick. 

6. Swirl your whisky while drinking it

You have probably seen your favorite actor swirl his glass of whisky in your favorite show. Well, that is maybe something you should be doing too. Swirling whisky activates the aroma and brings out the scent more. By swirling it, you will receive the aroma simultaneously as receiving the taste. 

A whisky enthusiast will tell you that whisky’s goodness is felt through both the taste and the scent. 

Take away

Adding ice to whisky brings about a heightened sense of enjoyment. This will work for people who love to take whisky neat or in its versatile form. Adding an ice cube to whisky will create a refreshing chill and also enhance the flavor. Using bigger ice cubes would be a better idea as it melts slowly, taking a long time to dilute the whisky.

With the tips above in mind, you will begin to enjoy your whiskey better. Choose a compatible type with your palate, and the special friends to share a bottle with.