KFC Launches A Questionable Range Of Gravy-infused Cocktails

It often feels like they’re in constant competition with Domino’s for who can come up with the most ‘you what, son?’ publicity stunt.

In the past, KFC’s marketing bods have launched a (surprisingly decent) streetwear collection, a KFC smartphone and a fried chicken scented candle. This time? Oh, they’ve gone big. The Colonel and his cronies have only gone and made a KFC cocktail menu – with each drink featuring gravy as a key ingredient Before you get all excited about KFC having got itself an alcohol license, you need to calm yourself down, for you won’t be able to buy a boneless Bellini with your bargain bucket anytime soon.

They’ve created the saucy recipes, but you’re going to have to make them at home. Now, obviously this is 100% a promotional gimmick but we are open-minded people and are pretty intrigued by these, so if you are too, don’t forget that you can, of course give them a go with regular gravy. And without the KFC chicken garnish.

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