Lanzerac collects canned food for a good cause

Lanzerac was proud to support the 2nd annual Stellenbosch CAN Project, where our team collected cans of food to distribute to the needy in the Stellenbosch community.

A project initiated by Eikerstad Mall, the main beneficiary of the campaign was Stellenbosch Feeding in Action, to support the extensive work they do in the local Stellenbosch community.

At present, approximately 5 000 people receive a cooked meal at 35 feeding points distributed throughout the Stellenbosch municipal area. In addition to this, they also support 25+ other organisations such as Unakho Centre for disabled children, Youth Outreach, Night Shelter, and Stellenbosch Disaster Management providing food in crisis. They are currently providing 12 000 meals and 1 000 food parcels per week. This includes feeding points for children after school, six clinics (HIV/TB + other patients that has to eat before using medication), crèches, after care centres, school holiday programs & sports outreach programs for needy athletes. They also provide food parcels for families in need on request of community organisations such as Stellenbosch Child Welfare.

Lanzerac salute you for your amazing work in our town!

Contact details for Stellenbosch Feeding in Action:

Project Manager: Liesel Koen (Tel: (021) 886 8986 / Cell no: 071 322 0747)