Late Night Coffee Has No Effect On Sleep Quality, New Study Finds

Sleep may be the cousin of death, but it’s more like that cool cousin that would buy you beer when you were underage, not like that other very uncool cousin that would tell on your for drinking beer when you were underage. Sleep is cool is all I’m saying. I’d hang out with sleep if I was, you know, awake to, but we just seem to keep missing each other. And in good and somewhat surprising news for coffee drinkers, a new study finds that having caffeine before bed does not affect sleep quality.

As reported by the Independent, researchers from Florida Atlantic University and Harvard Medical School monitored 785 people for a sum total of 5,164 days and nights to see how consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine affected sleep. Published in Sleep, the researchers led by FAU’s Dr. Christine Spadola compared individuals’ consumption of these substances and compared them to data from sleep diaries and wrist sensors participants wore that records sleep duration, efficiency, and how quickly they would re-awaken.