Michael Jordan carries half empty bottle of Tequila and a pillow as he checks out of New York hotel

Michael Jordan left a hotel in New York armed with several bottles of Tequila on Wednesday.

The basketball legend, now a billionaire businessman, ignored a crowd of fans who were asking for his autograph.

While clutching a half-empty bottle with one hand, he was also carrying a cardboard box that had ‘TEQUILA’ printed on the front.

After much squinting, we believe that to be a bottle of Tres Alegres Compadres tequila, presumably an añejo, based on the colour. One assumes the case is of the same tequila, although it also looks a little bit like the packaging used for Tromba tequilas, so who knows.

Regardless, he looks very pleased with himself. Maybe it’s the shot. Maybe it’s the shots… of tequila. Maybe it’s that LeBron lost the Finals.