Moët Hennessy releases its first Tequila

For two and a half years Moët Hennessy has been secretly developing their first-ever tequila. An organization that counts some of the world’s most prestigious alcohol brands in its roster—Ruinart, Glenmorangie, Belvedere and more—could have easily purchased an existing brand that sprung up in the last decade’s infatuation with the agave spirit. Rather than acquire, however, they partnered with Mexico’s Gallardo family and began developing a joint venture: Volcan De Mi Tierra tequila.

A facility was built, Maestra de Tequila Anna Maria Romero Mena was brought in to develop the liquid, and today a limited amount of two distinct expressions—a zesty, vibrant Blanco and a creamy Cristalino—becomes available in premier US and Mexico City venues.