Moscato Mania Hits South Africa

Moscato Mania has hit South Africa with a bang! Due to the exceptional and rapid increase in popularity of these fruity, Muscat-variety wines among consumers in the United States, it is no wonder it is now tickling the fancy of our own local wine-loving consumers and that the two new South African Moscato’s are all the rage.

Well known wine writer, Micheal Olivier, said that “Moscato is the new buzz word in pieces written by a number of wine writers around the world as the trend of Moscato Wines continues its upward spiral.”

“Sales of Moscato wines have grown by 80% in America over the past 12 months, with current annual retail sales of over US$300m. Moscato’s popularity has even eclipsed that of Sauvignon Blanc in the US. Since Spring this year, the UK has also reported a growth in sales and once the latest figures are released later in the year Moscato’s impact on the British market looks set to mirror the affect this wine has had on the American market,” according to Pieter Cronje, Marketing Manager for Meander Wines.