Packaging Spotlight: Fortune-Telling Wine Bottles That Connect Drinkers To A Tarot Reading

Kelly Taylor created Blood & Moon Fortune Telling Wine as a concept with an interactive label that puts a new spin on the tradition of consulting tarot cards for a personalized reading. 

The design of the bottle was inspired by the 22 Major Arcana cards that can be found in a tarot deck, which are traditionally interpreted as some of the big archetypal themes that influence one’s life. Each original symbol was designed by hand and offers a fun way to point wine drinkers towards a fortune.

When the wine bottle’s cork has been removed from the bottle, the idea is that a slender candle may be lit in its place, which will drip down the bottle and land on different symbols. For more insight, the Blood & Moon Fortune Telling Wine is meant to be packaged with a guide to understanding one’s reading.