Pepsi Calls Out Coca-Cola On Twitter, Reignites Cola Wars For A New Age

As if there weren’t enough conflict in the world, a brand-new “cola wars” is bubbling up.

Earlier this week on Twitter, Pepsi reworked the popular “jealous girlfriend” meme to suggest that Pepsi Zero Sugar might suddenly be more attractive to fans of Coke Zero Sugar, especially after the latter reformulated its recipe this summer.

“While you keep changing New Coke Zero, we’ll always be in good ‘taste,’” Pepsi wrote.

In a follow-up post, Pepsi also challenged Coca-Cola’s fans to “break up” with Coke Zero Sugar, and even offered to reimburse the cost of a 20-ounce Pepsi Zero Sugar for curious consumers willing to try Pepsi’s sugar-free soda.

“Determined to help mend some broken hearts, Pepsi is welcoming former Coke Zero Sugar drinkers with open arms,” Pepsi added, in part, in the promotion’s press release.

Pepsi’s tweets, and its new promotion, are now being credited with bringing to so-called “cola wars” to the world of sugar-free sodas, outlets such as AdWeek and Ad Age are reporting.

Pepsi, however, is going up against a goliath in the zero-sugar category. As noted by Adweek, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar controlled 7.9 percent of the carbonated drink market in 2020, compared to Pepsi Zero Sugar’s 0.4 percent. Still, Coca-Cola insisted it was necessary to reformulate its existing Coke Zero Sugar recipe to continue to “drive growth” of its diet and light soft drinks.

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