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87 Investment Firms Ask Nike, Fedex, Pepsi To Stop Doing Business With Washington Franchise

As the NFL fails and refuses to pressure Washington owner Daniel Snyder to change the dictionary-defined slur that has been the team's name for decades, NFL sponsors are being lobbied to do what


Investors Want Nike, Fedex And Pepsi To Cut Ties With Redskins

Shareholders want relationships with the team terminated unless it changes its name


Microsoft, Coca-cola, Pepsi Join Facebook Ad Boycott

Companies have suspended their major advertising campaigns with the world’s largest social media network Facebook over inappropriate content.


Pepsi Quietly Joining Facebook Ad Boycott: Sources

PepsiCo, Inc. is quietly joining the growing number of companies pulling ad dollars from Facebook, people close to the matter tell FOX Business.


Pepsi Joins Hands With Swiggy To Provide 25 Lakh Meals To Workers In Distress

Any consumer that orders a soft drink along with their meal through Swiggy between June 25 - July 19, Pepsi will contribute a part of the proceeds to NRAI fund


Pepsi Joins Nrai, Swiggy Initiative To Provide 25 Lakh Meals To Workers In Distress

As part of the initiative, whenever any consumer adds any soft drink to a meal order on Swiggy from June 25 to July 19, Pepsi will contribute part of the proceeds in respect of each soft drink ordered


The New Pepsi Flavor Everyone’s Talking About

Half the fun of traveling is getting to try food and drinks that are way different from what we have at home. That's why everyone was pretty upset that Pepsi's new orange flavor soda was only availabl


‘don’t Go Dark’: Ex Apple And Pepsi Exec John Sculley Offers Pandemic Brand-building Tips

Businesses are studying history?s great recessions and downturns to understand how to navigate the Covid-19 fallout. John Sculley, former Apple chief executive and Pepsi president, and a tech investor


Pineapple Pepsi Is Now Available In The United States So Pass The Rum

Summer = pineapple szn. ?


Pineapple Pepsi Is Now Available In The U.s. After Gaining Popularity In Japan

The flavor has recently been spotted at Walmart