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Americans Are Ditching Fizzy, Sugary Sodas More Than Ever Before. Pepsi’s Marketing Head Is Adopting A Challenger Mindset To Survive.

Pepsi's vice president of marketing, Todd Kaplan, said the brand was also snatching a page from the playbooks of Burger King and Domino's.


Jetblue Switching To Pepsi From Coca-cola

JetBlue customers, be prepared for a major shake-up when you order a soda on your next flight.


New Findings: Coke Widened Its Lead Versus Pepsi In Cola Wars Last Year, Report Says

Coca-Cola soft drinks extended their lead over rival sodas from PepsiCo in the U.S. last year, according to an industry tracker.


Pepsi Withdraws Lawsuits Against Indian Potato Farmers

PepsiCo Inc said on Thursday it will withdraw its lawsuits against a number of Indian potato farmers accused of infringing its patent.


The R2 Trillion Owner Of Lay’s Chips Is Suing Small Indian Farmers For Growing A Certain Type Of Potato

PepsiCo said they've had the rights to FL-2027 potato in India since 2016.


Pepsi Is Suing Indian Farmers For Growing Special Spuds Designed For Lay?s Chips

The humble spud is at the center of a new lawsuit pitting a major corporation against small cultivators.


Pepsi Is Suing 4 Indian Farmers For Potato Infringement

Turns out you can go to court for planting the wrong potatoes.


After Backlash, Pepsi Says It Never Planned A Space Billboard

Classic flip flop!


Pepsi Is Investigating Giant Billboards In The Sky To, Uh, Defend Gamers?

Earth's first satellite billboards may be for combatting "the most unfair stereotype of the century".


Pepsico Partnered With A Russian Start-up To Test Orbiting Billboards

The idea to launch billboards into space may have seemed like just another marketing gimmick. But PepsiCo is taking the idea seriously as it makes plans to promote an energy drink using the night sky

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