17 Gifts For People Who Don’t Drink Enough Water

Everyone knows someone who doesn’t reach their daily H2O quota.


Italy’s First Starbucks Serves Cocktails, Ice Cream, And A Side Of Augmented Reality

Imagine this on your street corner.


Save $100 On This Cuisinart Coffee Maker At Walmart And Get It For Just $64

Get that much needed jolt without going to Starbucks.


Keurig Coffee Makers Are On Sale At Walmart, Ready To Make Your Mornings Smoother

Did you have your coffee today? Time to perk up.


Ninja Makes A Coffee Machine And It’s On Sale For Only $59.99 At Walmart

Drink as much coffee as you want this Fall.


This Winged Watercraft Looks Like An Aquatic Batmobile

Pretty cool.


Glide Effortlessly Through The Ocean With These Underwater Wings

Hang on!


Cool Off With This Watermelon Keg

Mom always said eat your fruits and vegetables, she just never said how.

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