Just Eat This Takeaway Container Already — Future Blink

Yummm...wheat husks.


14 Weekend Wine Deals: Bottles, Decanters, And More

For the amateur sommelier in your life.

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Milk And Eggs From Fungi And Yeast? Animal-free Foods Just Got More Interesting.

Two Bay Area companies are making real animal proteins without the animals.


What We Lose When Biopic Movies Cast Actors Who Are The Wrong Age

'Judas and the Black Messiah' is just the latest Hollywood movie to age up their historical characters.

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Netflix’s ‘behind Her Eyes’ Is An Unpredictable Mystery Thriller With A Dark Twist

Nothing is what it seems.


‘snl’ Cold Open Skewers Gutless Republicans Who Acquitted Trump

It's not so much funny as it is rage-inducing.


In 2020, Lyft And Uber Picked Up More Essential Workers Who Can’t Work Remotely

"Loyal" riders stopped using the apps, but essential workers who need a safe way to commute are ordering more rides.


Why Are Exclusive Dating Apps Usually So Disappointing?

Don't apply to Raya just yet.


Trump’s Impeachment Lawyer Claims ‘leader Of Antifa’ Was Arrested After The Capitol Attack. That’s Not True.

There is zero evidence of antifa involvement in the Jan. 6 attack


Learn To Code In Up To 9 Different Languages With This $35 Training

Conquer over 100 hours of coding content.

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