Breaking Points co-hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti accused the media of purposefully ?fearmongering? amid the current surge of the Delta variant of the coronavirus.


You can now have Tanqueray without the alcohol.


A rum company is offering to help some people get over their ex with a new tattoo and cash.


Apparently, people can tell the difference between a beer and a virus.


Jameson Irish Whiskey is making seasons bright with Christmas trees made out of its lit-up whiskey bottles.


Budweiser has gotten into the holiday spirit early this year with four festive beer cans.

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Penny, a second grader from Illinois, showed off her mom?s bottle of rum for her school's show-and-tell.


This year, Christmas will be brought to you by beer.


Fans are sending Kendall Jenner a strong message.


Just because you might not be able to travel for Memorial Day weekend, doesn?t mean you can?t drink like it.

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