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Imbibe Announces Personality Of The Year 2020 Winners

Imbibe Personality of the Year 2020 winners


Reyka Vodka Holiday Cocktails

Reyka Vodka is made of Iceland. This unique spirit embodies all of the charming characteristics of Iceland’s provenance and people. With volcanoes and glaciers, vast fields of lava rock and towe


Get In The Holiday Spirit(s) With 8 Fun & Festive Cocktails

1- This Santa Suit red cocktail will add a festive pop to any holiday party. The sophisticated, simple and smooth cocktail is made with Tullamore D.E.W.,...


The Week In Pictures

This week Lyaness launched its second cocktail menu, 45 Park Lane hosted a Negroni-making masterclass and Reyka Vodka opened the "world's first" glacier bar


Watch: Vodka Brand Launches World’s First Glacier Bar

Reyka Vodka gave intrepid travellers a unique opportunity to raise a glass in the land of massive glaciers, psychedelic nocturnal auroras and unicorn whales.


Reyka Vodka Opens ?world?s First? Glacier Bar In Iceland

How far would you go for a free cocktail? For some, the answer is the top of a glacier in Iceland...


Reyka Vodka Opens ?first? Glacier Bar

Icelandic vodka brand Reyka is inviting drinks fans to explore its native country by opening the ?first? bar on a glacier


Reyka Vodka May Have The Coolest Distiller On The Planet

Meet the one man who has made every single batch of Reyka vodka by hand for the past 15 years. Thordur Sigurosson, Reyka Master Distiller, never imagined making vodka, but has made quite a name for hi


Creative Twists On The Moscow Mule, From Blood Orange To Black Ginger

The tastiest ways to fill your copper mug.


Poolside Cocktails With Reyka Vodka

Poolside Cocktails with Reyka Vodka