Black ice cream will be sold at People?s Park Tavern this weekend to raise awareness of beach pollution.


Leading marine conservation charity PADI AWARE estimates it would take over 16,741,000 years for its divers working at current capacity to remove every


The Kraken Rum 'Ice Clean' is a tropical flavoured ice cream that's been created as part of a partnership with marine conservation charity PADI AWARE to raise awareness of the damage litter is doing t


In its latest incarnation, Kraken Rum's black ice cream comes adorned with edible garbage.


The tropical treat comes with edible toppings representing the top pollutants in UK seas.


Those age 21 and up can collect the limited-edition Kraken Attacks bottles for a chance to win a squid-spotting trip to Hawaii.


The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is celebrating cities across the U.S., buying local bar-goers their first rum of summer, and releasing The Kraken Attacks limited edition bottles complete with squid-huntin


The Label Makers and NB Studio have recently designed and created an eye-catching label for one of the fastest growing rum brands, The Kraken Black Spiced Rum.


By IANSlife Features New Delhi, Apr 28 (IANSlife): The mercury levels are rising and we can't help but think of ways to get relief from this heat. Dushyant Tanwar, Mixologist and Brand Manager, Monik


Kraken commissions The Label Makers for special-edition bottle label