Seeing Stars – for years!

Sterhuis VerticalThere are no reason for words beyond Chardonnay vertical. Happiest human on earth.WHITE:Chardonnay (2004): 1st vintage from the farm, 5 bottles remaining, 100% new oak. Drunk orange blossoms, grapefruit marmalade, dark chocolate baked orange, orange honey, Granny in a wine, delicious & sweet but ballsy. (*****)Chardonnay (2006): Char-grilled peaches, cheese biscuits with apricot jam, caramelized jam, baked white peaches, tangy honey, slightly overbaked rusks. (**)Chardonnay (2008): 50% new oak, ½ malolacticc ferment.  Salted butterscotch, bicarby honeycomb, fresh, grainy, limey, baked buttered lime, sharp.Chardonnay (2009): 60% new oak. Dried apricot & rye, lemon Super C’s, gossamer fizz, pithy sherbet, pretty but cheeky, litchi-tizer. (**)Chardonnay (2010): 40% new oak, 30% 2ndfill, 30% 3rd fill. Fresh & sharp, jasmine, orange blossom honey, buttery honey cake, sugar syrup, floral, sweethearts (***)Chardonnay (2011): 40% new oak. Litchi jelly, fizzy lemon sherbet, lemon meringue sherbet, sugared pith, orange marmalade cotton candy, needs to age. (***)Chardonnay (2012): 40% new oak. Sugared grapefruit, honey-glazed grapefruit, syrup marmalade, sticky sweetness, needs age. (**)Notes:Tagline translates to “there’s no easy way from the earth to the stars”“How much Chardonnay is grown on the farm? Not enough!”Lawnmower = Burgundy tractor2010 – 2012 – used traditional Burgundy method for oaking2009 Chardonnay – “Stand back, I don’t know how big it’s going to get”Soil in Western Cape is older than that of many regions in FranceCombination of yeasts in wines give complexity2004 – 2009 – library stock