Snoop Dogg’s `Gin and Juice` Is the Best Cocktail Song Ever Written

In 1994, Snoop Dogg dropped a single that would change the way we drink gin forever.

While many were only using gin to make martinis, both shaken and stirred, “Gin & Juice” off Snoop’s debut, Doggystyle made the British liquor seem all-American. As Snoop rolled up to a party in the LBC with some bubonic chronic in one hand and a cup of gin (preferably Tanqueray, but Seagrams would do also) and juice in the other, he turned drugs and alcohol into a squinty-eyed balm. And after more than a decade, it’s still the gold standard for drinking songs.

Drinking songs are certainly nothing new, especially ones about liquor, but Snoop’s youthful take was. There are countless songs about drinking whiskey poured on the rocks and enjoyed alone. So many in fact that whiskey has become an easy metaphor for sadness with everyone from George Thorogood to Hank Williams, Jr. finding themselves crying into it. After Alice Cooper decided to kick things up a notch and sing about mixing whiskey with lace, he was committed to a sanitarium for alcoholism. Definitely a buzz kill for any party playlist.