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Stay cool this summer with Theonista Ginger Beer

Summertime screams for Ginger beer! There’s no fizzy drink better, no cocktail mixer more appropriate, and no relaxing tonic that can compare with a cool ginger beer on a hot summer’s day. If you’ve been avoiding it because it’s too hipster or because you think it’s the same as ginger ale, then you are missing the bus.

It’s time to free yourself from the syrupy soda hell and get your hands on Theonista Ginger Beer, a uniquely South African product produced by Brewmistress and kombucha queen Meghan Werner.

Theonista Ginger Beer is fresh and simple, like comfortable shoes you can wear out to dinner. Its all-natural, low sugar, and naturally caffeine-free composition makes it extremely versatile and suitable for all ages. It’s the ideal non-alcoholic refreshment at a braai and an equally good craft mixer for classic cocktails such as the Moscow Mule or Dark and Stormy.

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Same same but different. Traditionally-fermented & organic rooibos infused sunshiny ginger beer. No artificial flavors. No "natural" ones either. Just a darn tasty drink made from plant parts & helpful microbes. Besides a snazzy new look, this version still has a notable ginger kick/afterburn but is a tiny bit softer than the original (an extra spicy version is in the pipeline though). It also has a bit less sugar than its predecessor which means it now has 40% (!!) less sugar than leading brands (e.g. Stoney's). Still makes a fantastic Moscow Mule, too. ?????????? #afterburn #factorylife #gingerbeer #goldilocks #fizzy #fermentation #ginger #nonalcoholic #mixology #lowsugar #craftbrewing #moscowmule #brewery #rooibos #drinkup #patience #flavor #alchemy #allnatural #healthychoices #booch #simplethings #minimalism #southafrica #capetown

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Like Theonista’s other range of products, their ginger beer is made with only real ingredients such as fresh pressed ginger, fresh lemon, and a proprietary all-natural fermentation technique that incorporates organic rooibos. Because Theonista uses real ginger, vitamin C rich lemon and antioxidant-rich rooibos, their version offers both great taste and actual health benefits. Notably, it also has 40% less sugar than your more commercial brands.

Cheers to summer and grab a couple of Theonista Ginger Beer bottles at Wellness Warehouses, selected Spars, Engen on Orange street in Cape Town, Giovanni’s, Olive Branch Deli or online at Faithful to Nature.