The History Of Champagne

When we talk of Champagne, suddenly a grace, sophistication, and charm surround the conversation. As a drink, it is one of the most refined, classy and celebrated ones and a bottle of Champagne is usually saved for special occasions. It is as vintage and classy, as its name. The history of Champagne, takes us back to almost 350 years from now, somewhere in a region named ‘Champagne’, situated in North France, where the Romans were the first ones to sow the seeds of the vineyards, which grew to give the people this nectar from heavens. Now that region of France enjoys World Heritage status, bestowed upon it by the United Nations.

Champagne is synonymous with celebration, as it is often enjoyed at victories, parties, weddings and special unions. This sparkling wine was initially served in bottle glasses, but soon Champagne flutes and coupe glasses took over. However, the sound of popping the cork open, from a Champagne bottle, is a memorable joy even now.
Despite a lot of wars and defeats in the European regions, the merchants and counts of those areas encouraged trade to prosper the economy. One such fair that was organized to encourage travellers and merchants from across the globe and this fair was known as the ‘Champagne Fair’. It not only flourished trade of cloth but also commenced the trade of wine across the borders.

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