Bolney Wine Estate Opens New Winery

Bolney Wine Estate opens new winery, helping it to meet its target of increasing production of English wines by 170% within the next three years. During this harvest, approximately 270 tonnes of grape


Sam Linter From Bolney Wine Estate Joins Board Of Winegb

The Board of WineGB has announced the appointment of Sam Linter as a director of the company. She joins with immediate effect, representing one of the three directors appointed to represent the larger


Excellent Sparkling Wines From Brazil You Need To Try

Do you know the difference between champagne and sparkling wine? One key difference between sparkling wines and champagne is the origin where the beverage was made. For example, you can get sparkling


Pair Cheese With Sparkling Wine

Who doesn't love either of the ingredients in the title - Cheese and Sparkling Wines! Where though do we start when it comes to pairing them together, a growing trend and a very rewarding one too if y


The Finest Champagne & Sparkling Wines With Recommended Food Pairings

As part of our commitment to promoting Glass of Bubbly awards winning Champagne and Sparkling Wines, we are pleased to announce the release of 'The Finest Champagne & Sparkling Wines with their re


Untouched By Light – The World’s First Sparkling Wine Made, Sold & Tasted In Complete Darkness

A new sparkling wine brand called Untouched by Light, released by Radgonske Gorice this week, claims that best things happen in the dark. According to Professor Emerita Ann C. Noble[1], the exposure o


History Of Gin And Fizz Cocktails

Champagne and Prosecco within cocktails are certainly a popular trend amongst imbibers and how each spirit performs in them is important to the brewers. Is it though Champagne and Gin cocktails or Pro


Are You Guilty Of These Champagne Crimes?

So you have bought or earned that bottle of Champagne so it is totally down to how you enjoy it right? I am not going to tell you how to drink your well earned bubbles, but I'd question you if you hav


Can Champagne Help To Beat Wrinkles?

A frequent question that I seem to hear amongst the grape vines is regarding whether or not wines are either good or bad for your health and for your beauty, also if Champagne can help heal signs of ageing.


Where Was Wine Invented?

There are a fair few areas to consider when answering this question which must be looked at and many countries will add to the history of wine as a whole having claimed to have founded varied elements

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