Puklavec Family Wines

'The Best Things in Life Should be Shared with Others.' Normally a wine story begins with someone planting a vine not building a wine cellar, but that is how the Puklavec story began, in the 1930s Mar



"Usus est rerum omnium magister" - Julius Caesar For these who don't speak Latin, including me, this translates to 'experience is the teacher of all things.' You can read and observe all you want, but

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Fox & Fox Launches Trio Of Sparkling Wines To Raise Funds For The Drinks Trust

English wine producer, Fox & Fox, launches trio of sparkling wines to raise funds for The Drinks Trust and help those affected by Covid-19. In a bid to deliver some sparkle and lift spirits as the


A New Glass For Your Gin Fizz Cocktails

When enjoying different cocktails, sometimes to get the best tasting experience you need to enjoy them in different glasses. Vonshef has a gin gift set that includes two big gin glasses that will sure

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Food Pairings With Champagne Or Sparkling Wine

Are you a food enthusiast looking for some great ideas for food and Champagne and/or sparkling wine pairings. If yes, congratulations on finding a great resource. This resource shares 7 incredible, ea


Rise Of The Bulgarian Bubbles

Bulgaria is well known for its red wines - often powerful, jammy and delicious. International varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc are most often associated with winemaking in this

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5 Sparkling Wines For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is nearing, so it's time to start planning the perfect day and how better to celebrate your mother than with a bottle of fine Champagne or Sparkling Wine. I've chosen 5 different Sparklin


A Blinding Encounter With Glass Of Bubbly Magazine Editor James

Our 'green tasting room' was the setting for James Graham as he made his way to the coast to join us for some blind tasting of sparkling wines and a chat on the progress of the new online Glass of Bub


How To Make A Fizzy French Martini

Whenever we think of a Martini, we think of James Bond, but what you may not know is that the French have their own version of the Martini, made a little differently, we decided to make one, but we al


Sparkling Rosemary & Thyme Fizz Cocktail

Creating a healthy Cocktail doesn't mean just using two ingredients, but it can mean using whatever you can grow in your garden, (or just buy at the supermarket.) I'm going to be creating, (as you alr

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