What Grapes Go In Champagne?

There are three main grape varieties that can be used in the production of Champagne. They were found to offer the required qualities of a good balance of sugar and acidity to complement the effervesc


My Wset Level 2 Weekend At Villa Sandi

I've been writing articles about Champagne and Sparkling wine for over a year now and I've learned a lot over that time, from the different methods to make Sparkling Wine, why Fitz can't be called Eng

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Experiencing Sardinia’s Wonders At The Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites

There is a place that is filled with the scents of myrtle, helichrysum and wild rosemary. Where the turquoise blue of the sea merges with the cerulean blue of the sky. Where the North, Mistral and Sir


Champagne Harvest 2020

Despite having been an excellent year in the vineyards in Champagne, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on sales, both in the domestic and foreign markets. Since the financial crisis of 2008,


The Colonist Sparkling Wine Cocktail

The British, Spanish, French and Portuguese all fought over the Newfoundland of America, all the way from Canada down to Argentina, they fought long and hard in the ocean and on foreign lands, but one


Aldi Prosecco Cocktail

Aldi has always been a great place to go if you are looking to create a delicious affordable Cocktail, we've done some in the past with two other articles here: Fizzy Liqueur Cocktails From Aldi &

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Peaky Blinders Cocktail Book

Thomas Shelby has gotten The Shelby Company Ltd to create a Cocktail book, including 40 Cocktails with their own original names. This Cocktail book is set to release on the 20th of October 2020, so yo


Duernberg. Sustainable Viticulture Uncorked

What is sustainability and sustainable viticulture? sustainability /s?ste?n??b?l?t noun 1.the ability to maintain growth at a certain rate or level without creating a negative impact on the environmen

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Positive Long-term Growth For The Uk Wine Industry

? The latest industry figures from Wines of Great Britain reveal a healthy rise in sales in UK and overseas ? Employment and tourism numbers show the growing importance of the UK wine industry to the


A Trip To Champagne Moutardier

Champagne Moutardier is located in Le Breuil in the heart of the Surmelin Valley; a terroir of the Marne Valley, 25km from Epernay. The Moutardier family has been established here since the eighteenth

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