The wines of La Bri are in full bloom

La Bri Wine Estate in Franschhoek has recently released new vintages, along with a fresh look.

What makes the range different from any other is that each of the wines are linked to a specific flower that symbolises the characteristics of the respective wine.

We recently tried 3 of the wines from the range and were impressed with the unique characteristics the wines display.

The La Bri Chardonnay 2011

la bri chardonnay The wines of La Bri are in full bloomRepresenting the Clivia miniata, also known as the Yellow Clivia, the 2011 vintage offer fresh aromas of lemon and lime citrus and subtle almond undertones. The Clivia is named after the Duchess of Northumberland, Lady Charlotte Clive, who first cultivated the type specimen in England. The bright yellow colour of the Clivia is reminiscent of this lively Chardonnay and its floral notes.

This is an appetizing example of how attractive Chardonnay can be when it is not overly aged in oak barrels. This Chardonnay underwent natural fermentation in the barrels. After two months lees contact and weekly battonage, the wine was racked and returned to age for a total of 7 months.

The La Bri Merlot 2010 

la bri merlot The wines of La Bri are in full bloomThe label of the 2010 Merlot features the Amaryllis belladonna or March Lily, which is an extremely beautiful and elegant, pink flower that occurs naturally around the Cape.

La Bri’s 2010 Merlot is just as elegant on the palate as the flower is on the eye. The wine became the pride and joy of the collection when it walked away with the Best Merlot Trophy at the 2012 Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show, and rightfully so. Its floral scent and light oak spice makes this wine a winner in every right.

La Bri Syrah 2009

la bri syrah The wines of La Bri are in full bloomThe La Bri Syrah offers powerful perfumed aromas of fennel, thyme, lavender, rosemary, violet and oregano. Little wonder that the label features a variety of herbs. The wine shows great freshness with elegant violets aromas and spice. 2009 was clearly a great vintage for La Bri.

These unique wines and their labels reflect the elegant style of wine that La Bri produce, the ambience of the La Bri Estate, and acknowledge the symbiotic relationship between wine and fynbos, amidst which most of these Cape flowers flourish.

The La Bri Chardonnay retails at around R85 and the La Bri Merlot and Syrah retails at R90 a bottle and are available in numerous restaurants and some leading specialist wine shops in South Africa.