The World’s Most Expensive Scotch Goes For A Shockingly High Amount

The Macallan, a revered whisky producer in the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands, set a record in 2015 when a six-liter Lalique crystal decanter of the distillery’s “M” single-malt scotch sold at auction in Hong Kong for $631,850. Six liters is the equivalent of eight regular bottles, so the price came out to $78,981 per bottle.

That was a bargain compared to some of the prices The Macallan is charging today. According to figures collected internationally by the wine and liquor database and search engine Wine-Searcher, nine of the world’s 10 most expensive whiskies come from that one Speyside institution.

The 10th-most-expensive bottle may cost only $34,486, but things escalate rapidly from there. The next most expensive Macallan, the Lalique VI 65-Year-Old Single Malt, goes for $83,073.

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