Detroit Pistons Center Andre Drummond Reveals One-beer-per-day Diet

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond adds a daily beer to pescatarian diet for calorie needs as he tries to get into shape for the season.


The World’s Most Expensive Scotch Goes For A Shockingly High Amount

The Macallan, a revered whisky producer in the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands, set a record in 2015 when a six-liter Lalique crystal decanter of the distillery’s “M” single-malt scotch sold at auction in Hong Kong for $631,850. Six liters is the equivalent of eight regular bottles, so the price came out to $78,981 per bottle.


How Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione Became Delaware’s King Of Beer

He was green and had almost no money when he founded Dogfish 25 years ago. Now he's an industry leader fresh off a $300M merger. This is how Sam Calagione got here.


Budweiser Stepdad Commercial Will Make You Cry This Father’s Day

The King of Beers debuts a new, tear-jerker ad toasting great stepfathers as their grown children surprise them by asking to be adopted.


Your Favorite Cocktails Are Trash. Here’s How To Make Them Better

It's not that the cocktails are horrible, it's that they're often made with subpar ingredients and not enough care to live up to their full potential.


Jetblue Switching To Pepsi From Coca-cola

JetBlue customers, be prepared for a major shake-up when you order a soda on your next flight.


Dogfish Head, Kodak Team Up On Beer That Can Also Develop Film

Kodak and Dogfish Head collaboration, SuperEIGHT gose, will feature eight core ingredients and can also develop film, the companies say.


International Women’s Day 2019: How Mcdonald’s, Budweiser And Old Navy Marked The Day

Old Navy took to the sky to share its International Women's Day message. Lyft is celebrating Women's History Month with a deal.


Corona Is Tapping Into The Non-beer Drink Trend With 3 Tropical Lime Malt Beverages

Corona will debut Refresca, its first non-beer drink, in three refreshing lime flavors as it taps into the premium spiked beverage trend.


Not All Wine Is Equal: The Difference Between Sparkling Wine, Prosecco And Champagne

Champagne and prosecco are both sparkling white wines, but they're not the same thing.

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