This Company Wants You to Eat Beer

Other than correcting someone’s pronunciation of a foreign word, there may not be a faster way to feel superior than eating a granola bar—and it works in so many situations. “No, I don’t need those Takis,” you’ll say. “I’m eating a granola bar.” Or “I was so slammed at work, I just ate a granola bar.” But a San Francisco-based startup called ReGrained is taking that to a new level by making sustainable granola bars out of beer.

According to ReGrained, only about 10 percent of the ingredients used in the brewing process actually turn into beer. The rest of them—including leftover malt and other grains—accumulate as hundreds of pounds (or hundreds of tons at some large breweries) of waste. The majority of waste is used as feed for farm animals, but some craft brewers have found other sustainable uses for spent grain, including turning it into dog biscuits, as fertilizer for certain kinds of fungi, or using it to bake bread.