Today’s Special: Papa John’s Could Become Papa Shaq’s

Plus, some moms are mad about a Kit-Kat commercial that makes them think about dicks.


Owner Of Cashless Poke Restaurant Argues Anyone Without A Bank Account Is A Tax Evader

"Every single person that claimed they were unbanked, in my experience ... didn’t want to pay taxes or report their income."


Brewery’s Bdsm-inspired Label Prompts Bizarre Response From Russian Government

A Russian federal service issued a social media poll after a complaint that Kopytov Brewery's ball gag label was offensive.


Aloo Parathas Recipe

The ultimate way to use up leftover mashed potatoes: wrapped in dough and pan-fried.


Today’s Special: We Love This Hustler Selling Homemade Pb&js On Uber Eats

Also, the barbecue joint on 'Queer Eye' sold two bottles of hot sauce per minute after the show aired.


I Love Boston Market’s Mac And Cheese More Than I Hate Capitalism

The rotini spirals are perfectly designed to retain the thick orange cheese. The pasta, always soft yet springy, can do no wrong.


Caramelized Onion And Red Potato Cheesy Gratin Recipe

Sure, this is a great side to any dish, but we wouldn't judge you if you wanted to eat it completely on its own, tbh.


Today’s Special: Watch A Woman Drop A 22-quart Container Of Ranch Dressing… Everywhere

Plus, Beto O'Rourke's penchant for leaping onto countertops is worrying coffee shop managers.


The Mysterious Case Of The Suspended, Fully-funded Kickstarter ‘smart Cheesemaker’

Fromaggio reached its goal in five hours, but the campaign was suspended "tragically and unjustly" two weeks later.


Iliana Regan’s Current Drugs Of Choice Are Making Exquisite Food And Listening To Podcasts About Cults

The Michelin-starred chef of Elizabeth and Kitsune sat down with us to talk about sobriety, sexuality, and serial killers.

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