This Man Lived On Nothing But Beer For 46 Days And The Results Were Surprising

This 40-year-old American followed a Lenten tradition inspired by 17th century German brewing monks.

This is a challenge that we strongly recommend you not to try at home. At the age of 40, Del Hall, sales manager of the American brewery Fifty West Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, decided to draw inspiration from a tradition inspired by 17th century German brewing monks. During the 46 days of Lent, he simply gave up eating and was content to ‘feed’ himself with beer throughout that period.

His ‘100% hop’ diet which started on the 6th of March and ended on the 21st of April was validated by his doctor, who simply recommended that he accompany his daily consumption of beer with a vitamin cocktail. ‘When you study the history of “Doppelbock” (German top or bottom-fermenting beer, brewed mainly in Bavaria for the Lenten period), you will learn that monks invented this type of beer to help them during this period. In 1654, they decided to give up all solid foods and settle for beer. So I just decided to do like them to see if it was really a reality or fiction,’ the man told KDKA Radio.

In total, Del drank two to five bottles of beer a day, sometimes adding sugar-free tea and coffee. He claims he was never hungry or drunk. Better still: his 46 days of fasting made him lose 3 stone! And while he says he feels good after this crazy experience, his body still kept traces of this alcoholic diet: ‘It will take me between five and six days to be able to eat what I want again.’

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