This will be South Africa`s first Hemp-infused Gin

While the debate about legalizing marijuana in South Africa is still ongoing, potheads across the country will be surprised to hear that a micro-distillery in the Breederiver area is brewing batches of gin infused with hemp, also known as Cannabis sativa L.

It is still illegal to cultivate hemp in South Africa as it is classified under the Cannabis species. A permit is required before one can plant hemp and this permit is obtained from the Department of Health under the Medicines Control Council.

Misconceptions about the differences between hemp and marijuana run rampant, so let’s clear the confusion.

Marijuana versus Hemp

Both plants are part of the Cannabis Sativa L species and contain hundreds of different chemical compounds, scientifically known as cannabinoids.

It’s one of the oldest domesticated crops. Years of cultivating and manipulation resulted in the emergence of two varieties: one for medicinal and spiritual purposes, the other for agricultural and industrial uses.

Although hemp and marijuana are similar in appearance, hemp is mainly cultivated for fibre and oil and because the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content is very low, it cannot be used as a drug. Dagga, on the hand, is high in THC, but has little fibre content, making it less suitable for textile production.

In short – try to get high on buds from a hemp plant, we dare you. It ain’t going to happen.

In June 2018, Monks Gin will release the country’s first hemp-infused gin.