UK startup invents plastic wine bottles that can squeeze through your letterbox

London startup Garçon Wines has created wine bottles sturdy enough to survive mail delivery and petite enough to fit through a letterbox.

Putting a whole new spin on the cylinder structure of a traditional wine bottle, Revell changed created a narrow, rectangular shaped bottle made from a glass-like plastic. Once the order is made, it is shipped directly to their homes.

The wine bottle holds the same amount as a 750ml bottle but has been flattened and made longer so it can fit through a standard slot in a front door or postbox.

Joe Revell, 29, of Garcon Wines, said he came up with the idea after listening to a friend complain about missing deliveries at home, when he was not there to open the door and sign for the bottles.

The bottles are made from hard glass-like plastic and are packaged in cardboard boxes which cushion the fall from the letterbox to the floor. The bottle itself is 13.5in – about 2in taller than a regular wine bottle – but around half as thick.