Ultra Value Wine Challenge #FrugalFridayFeast

We can’t lower the fuel levy or ban electricity hikes, we can’t make Zuma pay back the money or prevent e-tolling, but we can turn frugality into something to celebrate. In fact, we are turning it into a whole campaign. We want everyone to enjoy a lifestyle in which the only thing you need to cut is electricity.  A lifestyle filled with #FrugalFridayFeasts. Every week the Ultra Value Wine Challenge team brings you an irresistible meal for two, which includes wine, all for under R200! In the words of Oprah: everyone gets a feast!

Chef Shaun Schoeman, executive chef at Fyndraai restaurant on Solms Delta wine farm, was thrilled to step-up to the challenge, and took a proverbial hop down the harbour to get his hands on the freshest catch of the day in preparation for his ultimate #FrugalFridayFeast.

Shaun picked a shiny Kingklip – although Hake or Cape Salmon are worthy substitutes – and then whipped up a dish, hearty as the smiles from the Fishmongers’ wives.  By adding a delectable twist Shaun turned an otherwise regular meal into a memorable dish for two: with a sprinkle of masala and a flick of his spatula, he upgraded an ordinary fish parcel into a royal offering even the Duchess of Cambridge would want to sink her teeth into.

For a truly juicy partner, Shaun opted to pair this week’s recipe with Solms Delta Rosé 2014, a dry Rosé which retails for a mere R55. He says the alluring red fruit in this wine gives it a seductive edge, which is always a good thing when the dinner is only for two…

Fyndraai Vispakkie (fish parcel)

You will need:
600g fresh fillet of white fish in 300g portions, skinned and de-boned.

For the masala marinade

50g fresh ginger
1 teaspoon fish masala spice (powder)
1 teaspoons chilli powder
5 large cloves garlic – chopped
1 small onion -chopped and braised in advance and chilled
75g chopped spring onions
±100 ml olive oil blend (50ml olive oil and 50ml sunflower oil)
½ tin coconut milk


Mix all dried ingredients together in a bowl and then add the olive oil blend and coconut milk. Mix thoroughly. You can also add a squeeze of lemon and zest for flavour. Place this mixture into a bowl and add the fish portions – making sure the fish is well coated in this masala mixture. Ideally, this should be done 8 hours before cooking, to ensure proper marinating and to absorb all the flavours, but if you are in a rush you can allow it to marinate for a short while only.

How to make the parcel

You will need a large piece of heavy duty foil and grease-proof paper that are both large enough to wrap the fish.
Cut 30cmx30cm squares of foil and grease proof paper.
Place a portion of the marinated fish (skin side up) plus some of the marinade, onto the centre of the foil.
Place buttered grease proof paper, with the buttered side facing down, onto the fish. Fold all four sides together with the paper, and pinch together to form a parcel.

Cooking method

Place parcel in a hot pan for approx. 30 seconds and finish in a pre-heated oven at 160°C for about 6-8 minutes.
Serve with rice and fruit chutney and / or baked potato – and a big glass of Solms Delta Rosé 2014.

solms rose e1436257683240 Ultra Value Wine Challenge #FrugalFridayFeast