Vitamin Vodka Might Spare You the Hangover

First, scientists engineered hangover-free wine for all the malbec-loving, headache-hating folks out there. Now, for those who prefer to get their buzz from hard liquor, our friends down under bring us Vitamin Vodka, a liquor that’s infused with “anti-hangover vitamins.”

The idea is this: The vodka contains vitamins K, B, and C to help supplement some of the nutrients lost when drinking alcohol and assist with hydration, as it’s primarily dehydration responsible for a hangover, the company’s business manager, Bradley Mitton explains. Four shots is the equivalent of one multivitamin, he says.

This vodka sounds like something straight out of a 2006 rap music video. “Described by connoisseurs as the ultimate and purest premium vodka in the world and created from organic Australian sugarcane and the pure mountain waters of the Hunter Valley near Sydney, Vitamin Vodka features a smooth, crisp palate with subtle citrus notes. This ultra-refined and diamond-filtered spirit is traditionally distilled 12 times in copper pots using natural, organic ingredients,” the website explains. (Who knew there were so many adjectives to describe vodka?) It also comes in a French glass decanter and luxury gift box.

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